Who We Are

Mettle: a person's ability to face a demanding situation in a resilient way

Through the highs and lows, ups and downs, the good times and bad times, the oh shit and fuck it times, and even...the oh fuck my best friend just died times; THE GYM is always there. We feel it is important and most beneficial to release pain, stress, and whatever it is you need to get away from, in the gym.

Founded in San Diego, California, we are Veteran owned and operated, striving to provide high quality, durable, and individualized products. Mainly our kick-ass shakers. We believe fitness and health is essential to a balanced life both mentally and physically.
Why settle for the generic? Chances are, your fitness gear is the same as the average Joe gawking in the mirror at the gym. We feel your workout gear should reflect who you are and separate you from the average...because you know what, we're not average.
We aren’t in the gym to look good. We’re in the gym to stay at our peak performance to overcome unimaginable obstacles only we know. They post a selfie, we’re out saving lives. They post what they eat, we’re feeding the hungry. They show off their new house, we’re building cities. They protest their rights, we give people freedom. They think they’re tough? We have Mettle!
We hope to create a community where active military, veterans, law enforcement, and other first responders can come together as one. We aren't very smart or really the fittest either, but we feel you will like our products and create this type of community.
Mettle Force brings a personal touch and individualization that gives this community a sense of ownership and pride in the fitness gear we wear and use...and we're just getting started!
By purchasing a product today you will become part of this community and at the very least, help us help others in need. We currently proudly support The Pat Tillman Foundation.

Our hope is that our unique products will encourage and unleash your true mettle!


Our Logo:

Ribbon Structure - Represents the medals we earn

5 Stars - Honoring each branch 

Eagle - The symbol of freedom

Trident - Protectors of all oceans