What About Casein Protein?

So we already know the major role protein plays in our bodies. To recap, it is not the main source of energy, once broken down into amino acids it is digested, and many believe it is best to consume post-workout. I think by the time you read this you already know that more protein consumption is needed than the recommended daily allowance to gain muscle/mass.

So, casein protein is dairy based and when the dairy product is thickened casein turns into a curd-like substance. We have already found out the whey is the more liquid substance. So, what’s the deal with casein and why consume it if it is not as fast as whey protein? Why consume it if it also has less branch chain amino acids than whey?

The biggest reason I believe is to keep muscles feeding for protein. Casein is slow-digesting, maintains amino acid digestion longer, and is basically an overall balance of protein for your body. The best uses for casein protein are for nighttime or to replace a meal. In my opinion, I’d rather eat food than a shake, but I’d certainly drink casein as a snack maybe.

So an obvious downfall to casein protein is that if consumed post-workout your muscles struggle for their protein fix and cannot recover as fast as they do with whey. So use my tactic of Keep It Simple Stupid. Whey protein is for fast muscle recovery like post-workout or in the morning for a quick replenishment of protein. Casein is best for muscle repair at night.

But remember, only 20-25 grams per serving. Any more is basically a waste and you’ll find yourself going to the nutrition store more often and spending a lot of money. Also, look at labels and do your research when purchasing a protein, or other supplement for that fact, to find a good quality product. I have regretted in the past going cheap.

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